Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry
Colorado Platoon

 Home of 1st Battalion, Company "I"

Welcome to the Colorado Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry website.
This is also the home of National SCV-MC Company "I".

We are not a "MC" or Motorcycle Club, but and organization who has members that ride in support of our confederate ancestors.  You have to be born into this organization through verified confederate ancestry, you can not just join

Please feel free to enjoy or site and if you have a desire and can prove your confederate heritage, then please contact us and help us stand up for our fore fathers in support of the country and beliefs.

Company "I" has camps in Arizona, Colorado and California.  Together we hope to be a driving force in not only recruiting new members but in establishing a heritage born brotherhood of camps that help the community, educate the public by being proud that we have a long history in protecting our country and it's values.
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